CNC Mandrel Bending

Bendpro has an enormous range of Mandrel Bending machinery and tooling that has been accumulating since it commenced operations in 1984.

CNC Mandrel Bending is a highly specialised pipe bending process which gives the ability to produce tight radius bends with NO wrinkles or deformation.

Our commitment to staying at the cutting edge of bending technology has seen the recent acquisition of two-stack Mandrel bending capabilities. This gives you access to compound bending (bend on bend) and dual radius technology.

The Mandrel bend is used in many different applications such as hand-railings, playground equipment, hydraulic tubing, motor body building, medical products and also in industrial applications like safety railings, conveyor guard surrounds and signage.

Large Bore Pipe Bending

Bendpro can now offer cold-form and induction bending of pipe up to 8".

CNC Mandrel Bending Customised Tooling

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