CAD Drafting & Design

To assist in component design, Bendpro has an advanced 3D CAD/CAM system to develop complex folded components and to model multiple-part assemblies. CNC programs can be generated quickly offline and are stored electronically for future use.

Not only has Bendpro secured a reputation for excellence in the delivery of a comprehensive range of metal bending, metal rolling and componentry services, the company is highly regarded for its expertise in bringing part concepts to reality and laying design challenges to rest.

Our drafting and design specialists can design and build prototypes with manufacturing intent in mind - and they do it faster than you can imagine.

Once the scope of works is established, Bendpro provides a full design package - including bill of quantities, indicative costings and solution layout - ready for inclusion into tender documentation if you require.

Benefits of Bendpro's Drafting, Design & Specification service

  • Takes the guesswork out of design and specification requirements
  • Tailored system design to suit application and budget
  • Complete cost analysis and scope of works provided
  • Layout plans and technical drawings provided in CAD format
  • Design package ready for inclusion in tender documentation

CAD Drafting & Design Case Studies