CNC 2 Axis Rolling

CNC pipe bending and rolling carried out by CNC technology, produces defect free curves, bends and coils, and at Bendpro we have some of the latest equipment and machinery available.

Our CNC 2-Axis rolling machine affords you the ability to create more sophisticated and complex curved metal components in high volumes while still benefitting from unrivalled value for money.

Our 2-Axis rolling fabrication techniques are used in such applications as architectural balustrading, modern curved playground equipment, upmarket fencing and security grills.

Bendpro's CNC 2-Axis pipe and tube rolling and bending equipment is capable of manipulating tube and pipe accurately and repeatably from small to large quantity runs. One of the great benefits is that your jobs program is kept on file in the machine to ensure speed and accuracy for further production and supply needs.

Achieving the same stylish results on a manual machine can take up to 10 times longer than this highly specialised CNC rolling equipment. Multiple curved metal bends, high volume and low cost - three very good reasons to partner with Bendpro.

CNC 2 Axis Rolling Case Studies