CNC Mandrel Bending

CNC Mandrel Bends Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth & Melbourne

For over 30 years, Bendpro has been recognised as Australia's trusted specialists in metal tube and pipe bending, and metal rolling. Bendpro has manufactured and supplied an extensive range of solutions to construction, automotive, landscaping, industrial, and materials handling companies, among others.

CNC Mandrel bending is a highly specialised process which enables tight radius bends without wrinkles or deformation. Bendpro can fabricate a wide range of products using steel pipe bending techniques. Our CNC machines can bend and roll all common pipe sizes in both mild and stainless steel.

Our skilled workforce, with the assistance of state of the art CNC Mandrel bending equipment for tubes and pipes, are considered some of the best in the industry.

7-Axis CNC

Our commitment to using cutting edge bending technology means that our 7-axis CNC Mandrel bender machine gives you almost unlimited scope for complex, one piece designs. Employed across many different applications it produces perfectly formed hand railing, fencing and crash barriers, industrial shelving and medical products, safety railings, conveyor guard surrounds, and signage.

We conduct mandrel bends in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne.

Wherever metal tube bends are needed to form a component or complete item, Bendpro is happy to advise you and assist with the design and production. For all your CNC Mandrel metal tube and pipe bending, and section rolling application needs, we are confident that Bendpro will become one of your preferred suppliers.

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CNC Mandrel Bending Case Studies