Induction Bending

Durabend™ 3D bends are stocked in sizes from 150NB to 350NB Sch40 carbon steel and come with sufficient tangent lengths to ensure jobs are made easier whether on-site or in a workshop. Formed by hot induction bending to the strictest tolerances, these induction bends ensure full accuracy and quality of product every time. To further assist fabrication, each bend is supplied with bevelled/weld prep ends.

Induction bending enables precision control of the conditions for heating and cooling narrow sections of steel pipe to ensure more stable quality and shape. Advantages of induction bending include free-shape processing, highly accurate processing, small-radius bending of heavy-walled steel pipes and bending for even mechanical properties.

Full Quality, Traceability

Every bend leaving Bendpro's facility has full quality and material certificates available on request to ensure complete client satisfaction.

Ex Stock, Fast delivery

Most sizes are stocked in house and available off the shelf in 45° and 90° bends. Bendpro ensures orders are processed and dispatched within the same day (if order placed before 12pm), often arriving to site within 24 hours.

Australia Wide Service

Our Durabend™ induction bends are available for delivery Australia wide to your fabrication facility or site.