Metal Fabrication

Bendpro manufactures and supplies precision tube bends and quality metal componentry to meet the many applications of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) across a diverse range of industries Australia wide.

State of the art machinery, tooling and experienced personnel ensure accurate and efficient solutions for cold bending an extensive range of pipe, tube, RHS, SHS and solid bar in flat and round finishes.

An extensive range of auto-sawing, deburring, drilling/punching, laser cutting, auto machining and welding equipment is utilised to deliver a comprehensive fabrication service. Finished products meet all galvanising, zinc or chrome plating and powder coating specifications.

Welding & Brazing

With many years of welding experience, Bendpro has the technology and the know-how to provide the highest quality welded assemblies. Working with mild steel, stainless, aluminium, brass and copper our experienced welders undertake mig welding, tig welding and brazing.

CNC Machining & Thread Rolling

Our cost effective CNC repetition machining and thread rolling equipment delivers M5 to M80 precision sizing. We have cost effective solutions for all your machining/threading applications.

Profile & Laser Cutting

Laser cut and profiled components are an integral part of Bendpro providing a total metal component solution. Cut options include guillotining, laser cutting, waterjet, plasma, flame cutting and CNC routering. Laser cutting capabilities, mild steel 25mm thick, stainless steel 20mm thick and laser bed capabilities 1.5m x 6m. Our proficient plate and sheet processing systems can be tailored to suit any application. Bendpro's range of C-Frame presses 5-30 tonne doe die-set stamping and processing with press brake operations to 35 tonne.

Notching, End Forming

Bendpro's tube and pipe notching to 3"/65NB and state-of-the-art six stage CNC tube end forming ensures all projects are fulfilled.


Over the years Bendpro has formed a strong alliance with galvanising, zinc plating and powdercoating professionals so that we can offer the finished component as required and on time. Finishes include powdercoating, galvanising, chrome plating, zinc plating, painting and polishing

Metal Fabrication Case Studies