Section/Ring Rolling


For over 30 years, Bendpro has been refining the craft of metal section and ring rolling to create new age curves that suit today's modern buildings and evolving industrial and commercial requirements.

Bendpro’s experienced metal rolling division efficiently manages your project requirements for the rolling of standard structural shapes in pipe, SHS, angle, flat and other sections. Our expertise enables us to fabricate rolled sections consistently from drawings, designs, templates and product samples.

Bendpro rolls all common tube sizes in mild and stainless steel as well as a range of specialised aluminium extrusions. These can be rolled into simple circles, complex curves, spirals and ellipses or combined with bending into more intricate geometric shapes.

Using our CNC 7-Axis section machinery, there's virtually no set up cost so small batches or even single items are economically formed at high speed.

Additionally, Bendpro's specially developed programming on our roll bender enable the machines to roll close to the end of the bars - ensuring waste is reduced by up to 50% and sometimes more.

Applications for section bending

Typical applications for section bending include flat bar and angle flanges, angle bending, structural supports, tube and tube coil bending and architectural steel work applications.

Applications for ring rolling

Typical applications for ring rolling includes flat bar flanges, angle bending, structural supports, and architectural steel work applications.

We provide quality metal rolling to Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne clients.

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